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The latest workplace idea [Nov. 20th, 2008|02:12 pm]
No More Jiggly Butts!


As part of the Wellness Fair going on this afternoon, HR is tallying up interest in the idea of a "Healthy Fare Fridge".  Evidently, it would get stocked on a regular basis with fruits and...possibly low-fat cheese, salad mixes and the like, I suppose...and employees can then buy those items from the fridge.

I have to admit I didn't spend much time listening to the description of the plan because I have a mini-fridge in my cube - if I want to have something healthy waiting for me, I can bring it in myself.  Most of the people I've heard express interest are the ones who already bring in fairly healthy meals and use the communal fridge to store them, so I really don't understand the attraction.  I figured I'd spread the word a bit though, in case it inspired people in other offices.